5 Space and Storage Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Planning and equipping an outdoor kitchen isn’t much different from equipping the kitchen in your home. Keep these five space and storage tips in mind to help you create an outdoor kitchen that works for all your cooking and entertaining needs:

(1) Protection from mother nature

Grilling requires unique utensils, accessories, serving items, and appliances that you’ll want to protect from moisture, dirt, and the elements. Ensure that you’re providing adequate, conveniently situated dry storage for your long-handled spatulas, cookware, serving platters and bowls, grill brushes, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, appliances should be installed in a covered space to maximize longevity and avoid rust and potential damage.

(2) Store cooking utensils close at hand

You don’t want to be distracted by a search for tongs or a spatula when grilling that beautiful ribeye. Create space for cookware, utensils, and gadgets with an easy pivot or arms reach of your grill.

(3) Allow for temperature control

Proper temperature when storing and cooking food in an outdoor kitchen is important. Ensure that you’re using the appropriate cold storage equipment for meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, and chilled beverages. Dedicated undercounter refrigerators and freezers provide maximum flexibility and allow you to store items at the optimal temperature, even in an outdoor environment.

(4) Add temporary, portable storage solutions

Love to throw a big party every once in a while? That takes a lot of extra food, paper goods, utensils, dishes, drinkware, and bar supplies. Temporary storage is key. Rolling carts can provide you with the backup you need when you need it.

(5) Ample food preparation space

Make sure you have adequate counterspace in your outdoor kitchen. Work toward adding at least 3 feet by 24 inches of counterspace for each cooking surface. It’s also vital that you select a weatherproof, easy clean, heat-resistant material for your countertop.


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