Keg, Can, or Bottle – Getting to Know Craft Beer

Once a small niche market, craft beer has grown drastically in popularity, and so has the variety of formats in which these brews are sold. From special release IPAs to seasonal flavored ales, craft beer now comes in all shapes and sizes—tallboys, bombers, and barrels just to name a few.

Tallboy 16 oz. cans and the slightly larger 19.2 oz. stovepipe cans have become increasingly popular packaging for craft beers. Offering more beer to enjoy than traditional 12 oz. cans, well respected craft brewers offering these larger can formats include Ballast Point, Founders, and Sierra Nevada in addition to many others.

U-Line’s new 5 Class Beverage Centers feature Slide & Secure Bins to ensure your favorite bottles & cans are always within reach.


With the ability to cool no matter your bottle or can size, Beverage Centers are the perfect accompaniment to any room. Featuring maximum can and bottle capacities, refined design details, and industry leading technology, ensuring your favorite brews are stylishly displayed and properly chilled to your selected temperature has never been easier.

Stepping up in size, the 22 oz. bomber and 750 ml. large format bottles are often used by brewers for special limited-release and barrel-aged beers such as imperial stouts and wild ales. Bombers are often dressed up with wax-dipped tops, while many 750 ml. large format bottles are corked and caged like Champagne. Given their larger sizes, both bombers and large format bottled craft brews are often enjoyed over a longer period of time.

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Enjoy your favorite craft beer at the perfect temperature for hours with the U-Chill™ in-counter cooling cylinder. This stylish, innovative product maintains the temperature of your chilled beer while you enjoy glass after glass. U-Chill™ is ideal for 22 oz. bomber bottles that many of the finer craft beers and ciders are sold in, as well as 750 ml large format bottles, typically used for special release beers.

True craft beer aficionados often want to enjoy the freshest beer straight from the barrel or keg. Barrel sizes for home use vary, from 5.2 gallon 1/6 barrels, to 15.5 gallon ½ barrels, and their home consumption has grown in popularity along with the rise of craft beer.

Enjoy draft beer indoors or outdoors with U-Line’s Stainless Steel Keg Refrigerator.

Take your passion and enjoyment for craft beer to the next level with a Keg Refrigerator. Convection cooling systems provide a quick cool down and consistent temperature throughout the unit. Simply choose the optimal temperature for your favorite beer. A single or double tap kit accessory allows you to enjoy straight-from-the-keg draft brews in the comfort of your home.

Bottle, can, tall boy, bomber, or barrel—no matter how you prefer your craft beer, U-Line has the right product to store & serve your favorite brews at their optimal temperature.