What is Transitional Design?

In recent years, traditional kitchen designs have been surpassed in popularity by what is known as transitional design. Driven by a desire for people to spend more time socializing, kitchens today are expanding into living spaces. In a world where people are working, socializing, and overall treating the kitchen as the heart of their home, transitional design is the perfect approach to designing a kitchen that will be used for so much more than meal preparation.

A Clean, Comfortable and Simple Aesthetic

The current trend of transitional design evokes a clean, comfortable and simple aesthetic. In this new world of kitchen design, everything may have a practical purpose, but the end result is a beautiful space where everyone feels at home.

Contemporary Styles with Cues from the Past

A transitional kitchen borrows elements or references styles of the past and combines them with contemporary features to produce something new and fresh. This trend has meant a shift toward a contemporary and very modern-looking kitchen, but with style references that feel familiar.

Transitional Design
Transitional design combines elements of old and new.

An Emphasis on “Blending”

Transitional design relies on built-in appliances that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose—enhancing the usage experience, while maximizing available space and creating a visually more pleasing environment. Instead of standing out, the appliances blend in, creating a cohesive, and more beautiful whole. These modern aspects of transitional design may manifest itself in a number of different ways, from stainless steel ranges and undercounter refrigerators to double sinks and stylish new dishwashers.


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