U-Chill™: Seeing is Believing

We’re thrilled with the responses from those who have had the chance to use the U-Chill In-Counter Cooling Cylinder! Given the opportunity to experience U-Chill, we’re finding that people are both surprised and delighted with the convenience of having their favorite beverages remain cool while enjoying.

On YouTube, Anthony Rocco, the man behind Appliance Buyer’s Guide, put U-Chill to the test — confirming the product’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature over several hours. Rocco was impressed with U-Chill’s “incredible holding temperature on what is an open top appliance.” He continued on to praise U-Chill’s sophisticated design, and its unique, one-of-a-kind functionality, calling it “a great appliance at a great price.” See for yourself here:

Luxury lifestyle site,, also shared their thoughts on U-Chill. Kitchen, bath, and outdoor living expert Brandon Nibarger was equally impressed with U-Chill’s performance. He believes that U-Chill is a clean, silent, and easy to install “affordable extra” that can be used throughout the home:

Stick one near the bath, in your wet bar, a frequently used table or other entertaining spaces. There are a bunch of applications for a surprisingly simple little in-counter appliance.

You can read Brandon’s full review here.

As the number of people getting the chance to experience the benefits of U-Chill increases, we look forward to hearing more about what users think! Learn more about U-Chill, and purchase yours here.