The Integrated Home: Blending in to Stand Out

The recent rise in popularity of design-focused living spaces has inspired many homeowners to install integrated features into their kitchens, living rooms, and throughout the rest of the home. Appliance manufacturers and home builders have answered this trend with a bevy of design options including custom paneled refrigerators, dishwashers, hidden charging ports and electrical outlets, and wall and media center accent lighting options, making blending in the new way to stand out.

Appliances with integrated finishes provide a clean, modern aesthetic that designers love, while giving homeowners what they need, where they need it most. Refrigerators and wine storage are beautiful and functional additions to just about any room of the home. And with availability in various sizes and configurations, custom paneled refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and Wine Captains™ that blend into the home environment have become a popular alternative to stainless steel.

Custom paneling integrates appliances into any environment.

This trend has inspired unique product breakthroughs as well, like the U-Chill™ in-counter serving companion that uses an innovative dry-cooling system to keep beverages chilled within 2°F – 4°F of opening temperature during enjoyment. Offering a hand-polished stainless steel crown accented with 27 lighting color options and a color flow mode that scales the spectrum of colors, U-Chill’s countless stylish in-counter applications enhance the atmosphere wherever it’s installed.

U-Chill integrates in just about any surface, creating an enhanced environment.

With appliances offering size and surface design flexibility, it’s no wonder that products that blend seamlessly into the home environment are increasingly showing up in the kitchens, entertainment areas, bathrooms, and bars throughout the home. We expect this trend to continue to thrive for years to come.