The Importance of Serving Temperature – Champagne & Craft Beer

What do you do with your bottle of Champagne or craft beer when you take it out of the refrigerator to serve? Typically it sits out at room temperature, warming up quickly, or it’s placed into an ice bucket, cooling it down too much, resulting in the flavor being compromised. While tastes have increasingly developed for craft beer and fine Champagne, these beverages are not always enjoyed to the fullest because drinking them at optimal temperatures requires attention after the bottle is opened.

Craft Beer

Most beer is served too cold to appreciate the flavor profile. Ice cold beer in a chilled mug is fine for mass market domestic lagers, but to truly enjoy some of the more popular craft brews, such as an IPA, slightly warmer temperatures are preferable. For example, pale ales should be served at around 45°- 50° F. And some beers, such as a stouts and porters don’t release their aroma until they hit about 50° F.

Here are the optimal drinking temperatures for a variety of craft beers according to the American Homebrewers Association:

American Mainstream Light Lagers33° – 40° F
Pale Lagers, Pilsners38° – 45° F
Cream & Blonde Ales40° – 45° F
Nitro Stouts40° – 45° F
Belgian Pale Ales, Abbey Tripels40° – 45° F
Wheat Beers40° – 50° F
Lambics40° – 50° F
Dark Lagers45° – 50° F
American Pale Ales & IPAs45° – 50° F
Stouts, Porters45° – 55° F
Strong Lagers50° – 55° F
Real & Cask Ales50° – 55° F
Belgian Dubbels50° – 55° F



Champagne is often left to chill in an ice bucket for too long, which can result in the flavor complexities and aroma becoming numbed. The alternative is when left out and becomes too warm, the flavor profiles can seem alcoholic and less bright. The ideal serving temperature for Champagne is between 47° – 50° F.


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