Before & After: A Modular Refrigeration Remodel in Park City

This is the first of many U-Line modular refrigeration case studies where we will focus on residential remodels all over the world. This remodel takes place in beautiful Park City, Utah. The homeowner, Melissa, took on the daunting task of renovating this 5,200 square foot home in October 2014. When she first spotted the home, she knew it had potential to be the perfect entertaining space and getaway for her family. She was looking for a house that had never been remodeled, so that she could strip it down and turn it into a contemporary mountain retreat. Despite her realtor’s attempt to dissuade her, Melissa knew she could make this dated, 1983 showcase house into a modern day dream house. As an avid home chef, it was very important that the kitchen have the potential to become an amazing gathering and work space. Kitchen design challenges included a low 7’ ceiling, and a peninsula seating area that had everybody’s back to the most incredible mountain views. To create an open, inviting kitchen space, and make the most of the incredible views, it was essential to eliminate the upper cabinets and any distracting vertical lines that could draw attention to the unusually low ceilings. Rethinking the standard “kitchen triangle” was a must in order to design a usable, beautiful, functional kitchen.Melissa set out to design a kitchen that delivers flexibility for her family’s dynamic lifestyle, while offering efficient kitchen choreography. To achieve this design goal, she had to think “outside the box”, and thus implemented the modular concept; modular refrigeration that is. She designed her kitchen with U-Line undercounter modular refrigerators, freezers, and wine preservation units, allowing her to break away from the design constraints associated with conventional big-box refrigerators. By utilizing modular refrigeration in her kitchen design, Melissa was able to strategically place modular fridges and freezers throughout her space to better serve her family’s evolving lifestyle and priorities. So instead of having one “central cooling zone”, Melissa can now enjoy “satellite” cooling zones, whereby each refrigerator serves a specific preservation need. Let’s dive into before and after images of the space…

Efficient Kitchen Choreography

Before the remodel, the kitchen was dark and outdated. By incorporating a neutral modern color palette and chic fixtures, Melissa was able to completely transform the kitchen, allowing the views to become the design focal point. A U-Line 24” Independent Dual-Zone Wine Captain® Model was installed in the outer edge of the kitchen, below the Miele coffee system. Melissa considers this the “entertainment zone”, and encourages guests to help themselves to their favorite beverage, depending on the time of day. This allows for more efficient kitchen choreography, having these highly sought after beverages away from the “working zone”.

Before and After

More Usable Counter Space

The countertop configuration in the old kitchen cut off the room, as well as the views, and made for an inefficient kitchen flow. By replacing the peninsula in the old kitchen with a large island, the space now has much more usable counter area and offers an open concept feel. The sprawling island in the new kitchen also serves as home to a variety of U-Line modular refrigeration units. From left to right there is an 18” Solid Door Refrigerator (set to Pantry mode), 24” Frost-Free Freezer (set to Polar mode), 24” Solid Door Refrigerator (set to Beverage mode), and 18” Solid Door Refrigerator (set to Deli mode). Each appliance can be set to a variety of food and beverage modes, offering flexibility as her family’s priorities shift.

Before and After

Extended Food Preservation

Melissa chose to install U-Line Refrigerator Drawers adjacent to her prep sink in the island. She loves having fresh vegetables on hand, so this independent dual-zone refrigerator allows her to preserve her root vegetables in the lower drawer (set to Root Vegetable mode), while her fresh vegetables are preserved in the upper drawer at a cooler temperature (set to Market mode). By placing this refrigerator adjacent to her prep sink, she can easily wash vegetables for smoothies and salads without making a mess, all the while saving steps.

Before and After

Right Product. Right Place. Right Temperature.®

Melissa and her husband inaugurated their newly remodeled kitchen by hosting 12 out of town guests for a 3-day weekend. She organized the refrigeration in a manner that made it very easy for guests to help themselves and prepare their varied breakfast desires. All were amazed at the efficient kitchen flow that the modular refrigeration layout offered, and how it allowed them to spread out and work throughout the kitchen, instead of hovering around one central area. All wondered why this modular concept hadn’t been thought of years ago, it just seems so perfect! Everyone agrees that having the Right Product at the Right Place at the Right Temperature makes a whole lot of kitchen design sense!

Before and After

Melissa Labelle, Park City Homeowner

Modular refrigeration is the most innovative way to design a kitchen because it offers more efficient kitchen choreography and substantially increases the flexibility of the space for the consumer. Whether you are designing a space for a single homeowner or a large family, you can customize the amount of refrigerators needed based on the homeowners’ priorities. In this Park City remodel the following U-Line undercounter modular refrigeration appliances were installed:

  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 24” Independent Dual-Zone Wine Captain® Model (3024ZWCINT-00)
  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 24” Independent Dual-Zone Drawer Model (3024DWRINT-00)
  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 18” Solid Door Refrigerator (3018RINT-01)
  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 24” Frost-Free Freezer (3024FZRINT-01)
  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 24” Solid Door Refrigerator (3024RINT-00)
  • U-Line Modular 3000 Series 18” Solid Door Refrigerator (3018RINT-00)