Kitchen Design Trends: The Personalized Kitchen

The trend toward kitchen personalization has been going on for some time now, but it shows no signs of slowing down. It is easy to see why personalization is so highly prized in kitchen remodeling—after all, the kitchen is a special place, and comfort, practicality, and adherence to lifestyle are all to be highly prized.

The Personalized KitchenRemodeling for Comfort, not Resale

Homeowners are increasingly focused on creating a kitchen design that will enhance the comfort of their cooking and eating spaces. Instead of focusing solely on resale value, modern homeowners are much more concerned about improving their current lifestyles and enhancing the comfort of their family members.

More Homeowners are Aging in Place

Another factor aiding the trend toward personalization is the aging of the population. The number of Americans choosing to age in place is growing. Many are opting to stay in their own homes rather than retirement homes and nursing facilities. The desire to age in place is certainly understandable, and as the population gets older, kitchen designs will need to follow suit. Add to that the fact that people are choosing to live in their homes longer rather than move, and you have yet another reason homeowners are choosing to personalize their kitchen remodeling projects and focus on their own needs rather than the desires of some future buyer.

A family of four will have a different set of priorities and a different way they live in the kitchen than a bachelor, an empty nesting couple or young professionals with no kids.

Designing for Lifestyle

It is also worth noting that different demographics have different lifestyle needs, and that makes the personal kitchen remodel all the more important. The very definition of family has changed markedly in recent years, and that has created changes in the way people prepare their meals, the way they cook, and the way they entertain. Modern kitchen design reflects all of these trends, creating a truly personal space where the homeowner, and their family members, can be comfortable and at home.


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