Four Social and Economic Trends Driving Kitchen Remodels

Chances are the dream kitchen you aspire to create today is very different from the kitchen of your childhood. Features, aesthetics, and technology have evolved, driven by social and economic factors. Below are some of the notable trends in kitchen design that help explain some of the whys behind “dream kitchens” each of us desires.

1. The New Social Center of the Home

As people are increasingly busy, family time becomes more valuable. As a result, multifunctional rooms are becoming commonplace, giving even the most over-subscribed family members opportunities to spend time together. Walls are breaking down between kitchen and living areas. Laundry rooms, offices, and kitchens are now becoming open-flow combo rooms, so that everyone can congregate in one place.

2. The Investment Upside

Kitchen remodels continue to be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Even during the soft housing markets seen over the past decade, wealthy homeowners continued to invest in kitchen remodeling. In addition, research has shown that major remodels undertaken by home sellers have an approximate 69% Return on Investment (ROI) for a mid-range kitchen and an approximate 60% ROI for an upscale kitchen – a sound investment for when it comes time to sell your home.

Social Kitchen
Modern kitchens are designed to accommodate increasing use of technology, while functioning as the social center of the home.

3. An Aging Population, Choosing to Stay

Another force driving kitchen remodeling is the overall aging of the population. Baby Boomers are well into their retirement/empty-nester years, and are remodeling their kitchens to better suit their changing life-stage needs. On top of this, Americans are choosing to stay in their homes longer, driving the desire for kitchen remodels. According to Joel Kotkin’s book, The Next Hundred Million, a 2010 study showed that in the United States, “In 1970, 20 percent of Americans moved annually. That figure dropped to 14 percent in 2004, and by 2008, it dropped to 10 percent. Ninety percent of people over 50 would rather stay where they are than move to a retirement destination such as Florida.”

4. The Evolving Role of Technology

Technology has changed the way we live, socialize, shop, and learn. And when it comes to the modern kitchen, technology is really about adding convenience. From smart phone and tablet controlled lighting and thermostats, to induction cooktops with memory settings that adapt as you move from burner to burner, technology enables increased ease of functionality.


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