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Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer

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At U-Line, we have a deep appreciation for fine food and beverages; and an understanding that the freshness of ingredients is a key component to the quality of a great meal. It’s that abiding love for good food that led U-Line to create undercounter preservation products designed to prolong flavor and maximize the preservation of fresh foods.

Chef Britta Kramer understands our appreciation for fine food. It’s her love of food that took her all over the world to learn the time honored techniques and family cooking traditions that she has so carefully woven into her own signature dishes. She also understands the role that preservation plays in maintaining freshness and flavor. She believes that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or variety. In the coming months, Britta will be sharing helpful tips on getting the best from your fresh ingredients with proper preservation as well as some of her favorite recipes. We are very glad to have her share her expertise and passion with us.

Chef Britta Kramer is from U-Line’s home-town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has taken up residence in New York City. She grew up in an Austrian family where she learned at an early age that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living.

Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer

In 2006, Britta took a four-month culinary journey across Europe. This journey led Britta through 15 different countries, where she visited local street markets and learned international food traditions from local cooks across Europe. Britta also spent three weeks on Dottenfelderhof, a bio-dynamic farm in Germany where her brother lived with his family.

In 2006 & 2007 Britta’s culinary adventure took her to Napa Valley, California for Festival del Sole, a classical music and culinary arts festival held in the beautiful wine region of Northern California. During the festival, Britta served for the second year in a row as an assistant to the food and wine staff, working along side world-renowned chefs, vintners and the wine experts at Beringer Vineyards. In 2008 & 2009 Britta visited Libres, Mexico, where she stayed with a local family to learn the 24-hour process of tortilla making and also traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico to explore Mezcal, Oaxacan chocolate and authentic mole. In 2010 & 2011, Britta traveled to Thailand and Costa Rica for three weeks, where she spent her days researching the art of street food.

Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer

About Private Palate:

Private Palate offers chef services for in-home events, private and group cooking classes for both adults & children, corporate team-building cooking classes, weekly or daily chef services, food coaching and chef consulting. Britta’s goal is to assist her clients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to make them aware that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or variety. Her clients range from single individuals to families, professional athletes and local celebrities. In 2012, Britta attended the International Culinary Center in New York City, earning a certificate in French culinary techniques. Private Palate has since expanded its business to New York and now connects client with local chefs who share her same food philosophy.

You can reach Britta at privatepalate@personalchef.com or 414.243.7462. View an expanded bio and full description of services at www.privatepalate.com or healthy cooking tips and time saving tips in the kitchen at www.facebook.com/PrivatePalate.

Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer
1000 Series
Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer
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Introducing U-Line’s Executive Chef, Britta Kramer
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