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For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay

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U-Line is proud to introduce wine expert Stasi Seay. From the vineyard to the bottle and from the bottle to your glass, Stasi’s expert knowledge of all things wine will heighten your wine awareness and most likely make you a little thirsty! Stasi’s specialty is decoding the mysteries of wine and making the culture of wine accessible to all.

We believe that the proper preservation of wine maximizes the flavor and adds to your wine drinking experience. That’s why we’ve designed our Wine Captain® Model.

Wine can be enjoyed on many different levels. The more you know about all of its complexities and the vineyard where it began its journey, the more it can enhance your wine tasting experience. In this blog Stasi will help demystify the language of wine with her tips on how to choose the best and how to get the best from your wine.

For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay

Wine culture can be intimidating. Varietals, vintages and food pairing can be overwhelming at times! What to choose? How do I say that? What is best? How do I know? It is our belief that everyone should have full access to reliable, understandable wine knowledge. We want to thank Stasi for sharing her passion as well as her knowledge with our blog readers.

U-Line Wine Captain® Models

For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay
1000 Series
For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay
2000 Series
For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay
Modular 3000 Series

About Stasi:
Stasi is a third generation farmer-born and raised in a vineyard. She has worked for the world’s largest wine & spirits company and has collaborated with some of the best winegrowers in California. She has traveled the world over, learning what makes each country, region, winery and wine unique. Her extensive training and specialized wine-related education, includes a WSET Level 2 diploma. Additionally, she is currently teaching a course in which students learn to unlock the mysteries of wine, entitled, “Wine Savvy 101.” Stasi’s class will empower you with the tools to confidently and successfully create great wine experiences. You can expect expert guidance on everything from the basics to advanced wine knowledge. Here are just a few highlights.

For the Love of Wine – Introducing Stasi Seay

  • How to pronounce wine varietals and understand their origins.
  • How to evaluate the many complexities of wine’s flavors, textures and aromas.
  • How to correctly describe and fully enjoy different varietals of wine.
  • How to follow tasting etiquette.
  • How to evaluate wine quality.
  • How to impress your friends and astutely select wines from a menu.
  • How to understand vintage and the winemaking process.
  • How to confidently navigate through the thousands of wines on the market and make a great choice when shopping.

To learn more about Stasi and Unlock Wine, visit unlockwine.com

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