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With the seamless integration unique to the Modular 3000 Series, the 3018CLR (3045CLR), 18″/45cm Clear Ice Machine brings superior commercial performance into your home with style. The The 3018CLR (3045CLR) Clear Ice Machine produces up to 60 lbs of crystal clear ice per day and has a storage capacity of 30 lbs so you will always have enough ice for entertaining. Each cycle makes 32 – 7/8″ cubes of crystal clear ice. It takes about ¼ of a gallon of water for each harvest of ice.


U-Select Controls

Like all products in the Modular 3000 Series, the 3018CLR (3045CLR) comes equipped with the U-Select® Control integrated into the top of the door. This system not only allows you to customize your preferred language, but gives you the ability to customize the Clear Ice Machine for your personal preferences. You can use the U-Select® Control to set the Clear Ice Machine into Silent Mode, which will suspend production for three hours and you can also use it to customize the thickness of your cubes!


One thing to keep in mind with the U-Line 18″/45cm Clear Ice Machine is that all Clear Ice Machine models require a drain. If you cannot install the unit in an area with proper access to a drain, the Clear Ice Machines can be ordered with a sealed and permanently lubricated P60 drain pump installed. All units ship with a factory installed drain line to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

The 3018CLR (3045CLR) lets you know when it needs to be cleaned with a clean indicator alert. Because of the U-Line patented clear ice making process, the 3018CLR (3045CLR) provides the perfect balance of high ice production, quiet operation and the easiest cleaning process.

Not only can you integrate the 3018CLR (3045CLR) 18″/45cm Clear Ice Machine seamlessly into your cabinetry, you can combine this model with other 18″/45cm U-Line products to create custom 36″/90cm models. You can expand the possibilities with U-Line 36″/90cm Custom Models. The 36″/90cm Custom Ice Flange Kit makes it possible to add a Modular 3000 Series 18″/45cm Clear Ice Machine to another 18″/45cm model for a customized 36″/90cm application. This allows for a greater degree of personalized applications including the combination of a solid door and glass door model.

The 36″/90cm Custom Models using the 3018CLR (3045CLR) Clear Ice Machine:

36″/90cm Custom Glass Door Refrigerator / Ice Machine
Combine the 3018RGL (3045RDC) Glass Door Refrigerator with a 3018CLR (3045CLR) Clear Ice Machine to make a perfect combination for entertaining friends and family.

36″/90cm Custom Wine Captain® Model / Ice Machine
When you bring the 3018CLR (3045CLR) Clear Ice Machine and the 3018WC (3045WC) Wine Captain® Model together, you are ready whether it’s time to uncork that perfect Cabernet or if it’s cocktail hour.

36″/90cm Custom Refrigerator / Ice Machine
A 3018RF (3045RF) Refrigerator is a perfect companion to a 3018CLR (3045CLR) Clear Ice Machine to create a standby custom unit ready for any holiday and entertaining need.

Silent Mode
Ice Adjust
3018RF and 3018CLR
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