The Best Summer Sips: Perfect for Your July 4th BBQ Party

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White Wine Bottle

2013 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

by Kim Crawford Wines

Location: New Zealand, Marlborough

Price: $18

Pairs well with: Grilled shrimp tacos with fresh cilantro, shredded cabbage, pepper jack cheese, and pico de gallo salsa; or lobster kabobs with pear tomatoes and portobello mushrooms, served with a lobster tamarind sauce.

Why it’s delicious: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines set the bar for what this varietal can offer: crisp, citrus, and tropical flavors wrapped in hints of jalapeño and herbaceous delights! This is the perfect summer white! Serve chilled.



Rose Wine Bottle

2012 Halter Ranch Rosé Grenache Blend

by Halter Ranch

Location: United States, California, Paso Robles

Price: $15

Pairs well with: Asparagus-cheese tartines, which are fancy, but easy, open-faced sandwiches with crisp asparagus, prosciutto, and three layers of melted cheese.

Why it’s delicious: This is NOT your grandma’s pink, sweet wine! Grenache based, it also boasts an exceptional blend of other Rhône varietals. Palate notes include guava, strawberry, tropical fruits, and a slight minerality. This crisp and refreshing choice will be your go-to wine to share with friends and fireworks.



Red Wine Bottle

2010 Rosenblum Cellars Rockpile Road Zinfandel

by Rosenblum Cellars

Location: United States, California, Napa

Price: $45

Pairs well with: Any roasted/grilled meats, but especially a well-seasoned steak, BBQ ribs, or grilled lamb shank and fire roasted vegetables.

Why it’s delicious: You can never go wrong pairing Zinfandel with a BBQ or picnic! Rosenblum sets a Zinfandel standard and this wine delivers: notes of white pepper and a round, full-bodied taste with no shortage of dark summer fruits like boysenberry, cherry, and plum. It’s a stunner and defines this iconic California varietal. Share this wine at any gathering involving a grill, but be sure to keep some for yourself!


The Monarch

Want to add some flair to your summer get-togethers? Serve a wine cocktail!
These are light, refreshing and oh-so-good on a warm day. Stasi suggests:

The Monarch

4 oz. 2012 Settecieli Pinot Grigio | $15 | 91/100pts BUY HERE
3 oz. Ginger Ale
1.5 oz. Apple Juice
2 Citrus Slices (orange, lemon or lime)

Build your beverage in glass over U-Line clear ice cubes. Squeeze lime wedges on top. Stir. Garnish with an orange, lemon, or lime slice. Enjoy!

3000 Series | 3018WCU-Line
18″ Wine Captain® Model


Did you know?
The 3018WC offers our U-Select® Control, which offers 3 distinct modes: sparkling, white, and red wine mode, ensuring extended preservation for all your beverages.

3000 Series | 3024WCU-Line
24″ Wine Captain® Model


Did you know?
The 3024WC offers our Quick Chill feature, which rapidly chills your wines to the lowest temperature setting. Available in both White and Sparkling mode, this feature is perfect for unexpected guests!

3000 Series | 3036WCU-Line
36″ Wine Captain® Model


Did you know?
The 3036WCWC is a dual-zone unit with a capacity of up to 62 wine bottles (.75L). Store your red and white wine in individual convection cooled compartments for optimal preservation.

U-Line Wine® Captain Models are designed to provide the optimal environment for whatever you choose to preserve, whether it be sparkling, white or red wine. Models actively maintain a stable temperature to ensure proper preservation while sustaining temperatures to within 1°F of the set point. LowE coated, argon gas filled thermopane glass provides protection from harmful UV light. Additionally, its insulating qualities help maintain temperature stability and increase energy efficiency. Relative humidity inside the models is maintained at approximately 50%, while the rubber mounted compressor virtually eliminates vibration.

U-Select® Control:
The U-Select® Control makes it quick and simple to choose from one of the 3 preprogrammed wine modes: Sparkling Wine Mode: 38° – 50°F, White Wine Mode: 45° – 55°F, and Red Wine Mode: 55° – 65°F, each designed to provide cellar-like conditions. The Quick Chill feature rapidly chills to the lowest temperature setting and is available in both the White and Sparkling modes, perfect for unexpected guests!

Flexible Storage:
Robust full extension black vinyl coated wine racks with graphite finished solid natural beech wood fronts and smooth glide design allow for easy access and prevent bottles from shifting in place. Wine racks are designed to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The fourth and

fifth racks allow for larger diameter wine and champagne bottles, providing optimal storage flexibility for your collection.

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Stasi Seay

Stasi Seay

Stasi is a third generation farmer-born and raised in a vineyard. She has worked for the world’s largest wine & spirits company and has collaborated with some of the best winegrowers in California. She has traveled the world over, learning what makes each country, region, winery and wine unique. Her extensive training and specialized wine-related education, includes a WSET Level 2 diploma. Additionally, she is currently teaching a course in which students learn to unlock the mysteries of wine, entitled, “Wine Savvy 101”. Stasi’s class will empower you with the tools to confidently and successfully create great wine experiences. You can expect expert guidance on everything from the basics to advanced wine knowledge. To register for the Wine Savvy 101 course email To learn more about Stasi and Unlock Wine, visit

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