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The Kitchen of the Future has Arrived

Imagine a kitchen designed to meet all your storage needs without sacrificing space. When designing your kitchen using modular refrigeration units, you’re able to create a space that has the aesthetics that designers love, and still meets all your storage and preservation needs. The space efficiency advantages offered by modular refrigeration are remarkable. Front ventilation… Read more


Balsamic Pear Bruschetta & Almond Ricotta

Preparing for a big party or even a small get together can be stressful. Making sure the house is clean, planning the food and beverage menu, running to the grocery store to grab all of your ingredients – probably heading to the grocery store again because you always forget something, and cooking quickly to make… Read more

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Find Flexibility and Style with Modular Refrigeration

Kitchens have traditionally been designed around a combined refrigerator freezer appliance—a large unit designed to store food, beverages, and ice. However kitchen usage and design trends have evolved in recent years. Today’s homeowners want increased flexibility from their kitchens to accommodate multiple users, increase counter space, and store items where accessible to point-of-use or consumption…. Read more


Is a Wine Refrigerator Right for You?

Wine storage in a big-box refrigerator or wine rack is suitable for short term storage, but specific conditions are needed to keep wine in perfect condition for long term storage. The traditional answer is, of course, an underground wine cellar, but very few people are lucky enough to have access to such a luxurious in-home… Read more


The Benefits of Dedicated Wine Storage

Properly preserving wine has been a concern of wine enthusiasts for generations. Historically, this has been a challenge. Today, dedicated wine refrigerators make it easier than ever to store your favorite varietals in ideal conditions allowing you to enjoy each bottle
 of wine as it should be. Here are just a few of the advantages… Read more


Four Critical Wine Preservation Tips

Properly preserving wine has been a concern of wine enthusiasts for generations. And while historically this has been a challenge, decades of trial and error have produced a few storage constants. Check out these four critical tips to preserve your wine for maximum enjoyment: 1. Wine should be kept cool. According to The Oxford Companion… Read more

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The Kitchen Remodel: Designing the ❤ of Your Home

For many years, the living room was considered the heart of the home, and the kitchen was a utilitarian space, designed largely for meal preparation. However these days the title of “heart of the home” goes to the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the modern home, and any successful kitchen remodel should focus… Read more


Access What You Need, From Where You Need it Most

Kitchen designs incorporating modular refrigeration units have quickly become a sought after feature by homeowners demanding the ultimate in convenience from their kitchens. When you begin to understand the benefits of modular refrigeration, it’s easy to see why. Modular appliances can be placed wherever you need them. Store fresh fruits and vegetables where you make… Read more

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Food Stays Fresher Longer with Modular Refrigeration

Did you know that modular refrigeration offers users much more than convenience and aesthetic benefits? Many people are surprised to learn that food stays fresher longer when stored using modular refrigeration units. Dedicated modular units can be used to house specific items such as dairy, meats, produce, pantry items, wine, and beverages. When foods that… Read more