Access What You Need, From Where You Need it Most

Kitchen designs incorporating modular refrigeration units have quickly become a sought after feature by homeowners demanding the ultimate in convenience from their kitchens. When you begin to understand the benefits of modular refrigeration, it’s easy to see why. Modular appliances can be placed wherever you need them. Store fresh fruits and vegetables where you make… Read more

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Food Stays Fresher Longer with Modular Refrigeration

Did you know that modular refrigeration offers users much more than convenience and aesthetic benefits? Many people are surprised to learn that food stays fresher longer when stored using modular refrigeration units. Dedicated modular units can be used to house specific items such as dairy, meats, produce, pantry items, wine, and beverages. When foods that… Read more

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What is Transitional Design?

In recent years, traditional kitchen designs have been surpassed in popularity by what is known as transitional design. Driven by a desire for people to spend more time socializing, kitchens today are expanding into living spaces. In a world where people are working, socializing, and overall treating the kitchen as the heart of their home,… Read more

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Kitchen Design Trends: The Personalized Kitchen

The trend toward kitchen personalization has been going on for some time now, but it shows no signs of slowing down. It is easy to see why personalization is so highly prized in kitchen remodeling—after all, the kitchen is a special place, and comfort, practicality, and adherence to lifestyle are all to be highly prized…. Read more


Butternut Squash with Toasted Sage Soup

Squash soups are the perfect meal to keep you warm this fall. It’s a lovely soup to make ahead and keep in the freezer for those cold winter nights or when garnished beautifully, it can be served at your next dinner party. I make a dozen variations, but this classic is one of my favorites… Read more

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Top 5 Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Interior Designer Rachel Hulan shares her top five tips for your next kitchen remodel. As an interior designer in Southern California for the last 18 years, Rachel has worked on projects as diverse http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/viagra-zaragoza as television shows, science centers, private residences and master planned communities, developing a broad base of knowledge from which to consult… Read more

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Introducing U-Line’s Newest Interior Designer Contributor, Rachel Hulan

Here at U-Line we have a deep appreciation and respect for interior designers. The ability to take a blank canvas and visualize the complete space can be extremely difficult. The ability to merge the latest trends with classic elements, while also understanding the customers preferences is what makes an interior designer stand out from the… Read more